4 KeyS for gamification

Someti4 Keys for Gamificationmes we are asked what is the key to gamification. Here we have summarized the 4 main KeyS, from our experience: Significance, Secret, Skill, Social. Let’s dig a little bit deeper in them.


Players have to understand the game’s purpose. And it has to be relevant for them. Business simulations have to connect with players in order to simulate their experience based on their day-to-day or regular activities.


Players have to feel they are discovering content as they achieve new knowledge. And they want to feel they did it by themselves. Discovery triggers fun and focus. And fun triggers deep learning.


There has to be a take-away from the game. If a game lets participant practice and enhance a known or new skill, this will make it more interesting and engaging.


People want to feel they are part of something bigger. So, participants have to join teams or have a common goal. And this will make them feel a sense of challenge or competition.

So, if you have to design a business simulation or game, please keep in mind the 4 S. The 4 KeyS for gamification.

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