Debunking Gamification Myths

Debunking gamifications Myths

When we talk with our potential customers in some cases we are answered with quite the same objections, based on several preconceptions. We have summarized them in what we could name as gamification myths.

Let’s have a look on them.

Gamification and games are the same: Although gamification uses games techniques, it’s all about the goals. With games, the main goal is engagement. And gamification uses this engagement to achieve other higher goals.


Gamification is not serious: Of course, we can have fun with a gamification activity, but fun is the fuel for learning. So, don’t understand gamification just for fun.


Gamification is only for Millennials: (as to say: “I’m too old for that”). Gamification is about human motivation, so anybody can use gamification, regardless their age. In any case, recall your inner child!


Gamification is only competitive: Again, it’s about setting the right goals. Competitors will enhance our willing to perform better, but you can build a collaborative gamified activity as well.


Gamification solves any lack of engagement: This would be giving too much responsability to a single approach for a problem. If a gamified activity connects with the players, they will engage inmediately. But it’s important to design this activity regarding players’ motivations. if they doesn’t match, gamification won’t save the day.

So, do any of your preconception match with one of these myths?

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