4 Gamification Examples

Examples on how gamification achieve better results

Gamification is the concept of using game design elements in non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.

Why is it so relevant? Well, people like games. An 80% of U.S. households own a gaming device, with the average age of gamers at 37.

Remember the gamification principles:

  1. Give users motivation to do something (emotional investment, promise of reward, etc.).
  2. The ability to complete the action.
  3. And finally, a trigger or cue to complete the action.

Now, use these principles in business environment. What do you get? A way of improving figures around several objectives. Let’s explore some examples:

Gamification Can Boost Conversions Up To 7x

Have you ever thought about freemium business model. Just offer some easy features and compare them with what they could achieve if they were premium. You can even invite freemium user to some premium aspects. When you take away this previlege you’ll have several customers willing to keep on premium features, increasing conversions.

A lot of new fintech companies (for example) use these techniques to boost their conversions.

Engagement Leads To Sign Up

Do you remember when Gmail was first launched. You could only access to their new email accounts thanks to invitations. So, there raisedkind of a funny market behind, where you could ask for favors to get an invitation. The same happened to so-called private online shops.

Invitation model uses the sense of previlege, that speeds the sign up.

Higher Quality Survey Answers

What kind of contributor are you in tripadvisor? Or are you just a lurker? What if they gave you a prize? Would you answer more accurately if they gave you one?

This is the way companies achieve better content: just giving a prize to those who participate more.

Better content, highly engagement

What level are you at LinkedIn? Are you a great contibutor in Google maps?

Badges and rewards are a powerful tool to obtain better content without a specific cost on it.


There are thousands of examples that could be referred as gamification techniques usage.

Just set a goal and use the appropiate gamified driver to achieve it.

Download here the presentation.