Detalle Mano

New Agile Edition for Better Achievements

We are really excited to announce we have a new agile version for our game Better Achievements: Find a habitable planet!

As well as with the agile edition for Possible Mission, with the same game box you’ll have 2 games. So facilitators will easily be able to change from classic to agile edition.

With this new edition, you’ll be able to practice and talk about:

  • Agile Manifesto:  Agile Manifesto values are present and must be mentioned during knowledge transfer.
  • Just in time analysis: One of the most important issues that may come up during the game is that you don’t obtain the full details beforehand.
  • Agile Business Analyst Skills: Moreover, to previous skills, agile environments should also contribute with the other skills such as: Flexibility, adaptability, change managemen, detecting business value and continous improvement.
  • Agile Tools and Techniques: During the game several ceremonies and agile techniques should be used: stand-up meetings, retrospective meetings and Kanban&Visual Management tools.

You can learn more about this new version by downloading the product sheet.

Contact us for more info.