New Agile Version for Possible Mission


We are excited to announce a new agile version for Possible Mission is now available. With this new version, you will be able to choose between waterfall/classical or agile approach to Project Management.

Thanks to this new version, within the same box there will be 2 different games, which give flexibility to our partners and customers.

Facilitators will understand quite easily how to deliver this new game, because of the same materials as the already known, the classical edition.

The main objectives to achieve in this game are:

  • To think about Agile Principles.
  • To understand Product Owner vs Development Team roles.
  • To experience scope Discovery.
  • To use the main agile artifacts: Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog.
  • To live the main agile ceremonies: Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective.

You can learn more downloading the product sheet from our public library.

Let’s keep playing!