Main Slide - Top 5 Training Gamification Benefits

Top 5 benefits for gamification in training

Main slide - Top 5 training gamification benefits

Have you ever thought about using games in your training activities.

Although there are much more benefits, we have summarized the top 5 training gamification benefits we have learned from our experiences.


If you take employees through a virtual working environment via gamification, they can learn without “harm”, though they commit mistakes. Learners can practice on virtual customers and re-enact a set of realistic circumstances multiple times, make decisions and explore the consequences of different actions, without compromising customer service levels in a real scenario.

Knowledge and behaviour transfer

Because gamification allows learners to simulate realistic scenarios and situations, to understand the importance of each building block, and to retain this information, research has revealed that the majority of learners will successfully transfer their training into their professional roles effectively.


Human beings instinctively enjoy healthy competition, and the integration of scores and leader boards is not only motivating, but also taps into each learner’s natural instinct to improve and to better their results.

Customizes learning

Game-based learning facilitates the learner to understand as they play, interact with the gaming elements and comprehend content. Gamification helps apply learning and take decisions on vàlues, emotions and attitudes. It also focuses on recollecting understandin, evaluating and analyzing information.

Team building

A challenge is always a good way to set a team against it. It helps a performance objective to be met as a team. And sets everyone at the same level.

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